Recommendations from our customers

  • “Clear Dwelling is not just another staging company.  They go out of their way to help clients present their home in the best light possible while being sensitive to the clients needs.  Becky and Mary have an excellent feel for color, furniture placement and décor.  I have personally watched them transform an average home into a well staged model which translated in to a quicker sale and more money in the seller’s pocket.  I highly recommend Clear Dwelling!”

– Minneapolis homeowner

  • “The talented women with Clear Dwelling transformed our house! Using mostly our own art, furniture, etc. they strategically repositioned and decluttered to give it a simplified, clean look – inside and out. They understood the challenges (emotional, physical and organizational) and offered tips and guidance that helped us maintain our focus (and sanity) on selling our home at the best price possible with the least financial output. Clear Dwelling worked hand-in-hand with our agent to insure a cohesive process. These women listen to and care about their clients – and they think in and out of the box (and on a tight budget!) to prepare homes that look a step above the competition.”

– Minneapolis homeowner

  • “Lots of properties are staged these days; however, it is not often that they  are done well. Please tell Clear Dwelling we appreciate the artistry and care in presenting this property on the market.
    We can tell that it was with this thoughtful approach that the recent improvements were made. Bravo!”

– Minneapolis real estate agent